Month: July 2022

What I did in the Holidays

On the last day of the holidays it was my birthday and i took my sister Dora rock climbing. I was having a lot of fun and I was showing integrity by double cheking my saftey straps. I was showing respect by respecring the rules and i was showing exellence by never getting in trouble. It was a really fun day.

By Ivan

Motat Experiments by Ivan

There was a section in the motat where we had to do some funny experiments. I worked with only a few, the ones i worked with were the       light and electricity experiments. The lady gave us some glases to look at the light with. I put it on and it turned the flashight on and boom instead of white light I saw a beutiful rainbow. I really liked it but i had to put it down. After the glases I played a bit with the mirror maze and I mean to brag but what I made was beutiful.

Anyway this is all i really did so yeah bye.

Syncereley Ivan

Motat Highlights by Ivan

Hi I am here to tell you about the motat trip that i went to and some of its highlights.

My first highlight was the dome that we went in for morning tea and lunch. It was big and it echoed. Also if you looked at it from the outside you will see that it looks like the top half of an amongus characters head.

Then the second highlight was the playground it was ok. I ran around with my friends and talked through the speeker with them.

The last highlight was the videogame section there were alot of old consoles but my favourite was the space invader arcade machine.

Sincereley Ivan