Day: August 11, 2022

Camera Angles 101 By Ivan

Types of Camera Angles
What does it look like or mean?
Wide Shot
It is used to show the surroundings to tell you what place you are in now. They can also be used to show loneliness, sadness and a sense of insignificance.
Tight Shot
It is used mostly for dialogue and to show the emotion or expression on the character’s face.
Medium Shot
I used to help the viewer focus on what the character is doing.
Long Shot
It Is also used to show the environment but with more focus on The character in the scene
Extreme Tight/Detail Shot
Detail shots are mostly used to put Importance or emphasis on a specific detail in your movie
Dutch Angle
It is usually used to make a sense of uneasiness Like something isn’t quite right
High Shot
It does the exact opposite of the low shot making your character seem more smaller and insignificant
Low Shot
It is used to make your character look larger in life and to portray power or dominance.
Cutaway Shot
It interrupts the movie for a split second just to cut away to something irrelevant. It is really good at helping transitions or to show side stories happening.
Cowboy Shot
It’s called this because a lot of western movies use this shot when showing the cowboy.
It shows what a character is looking at you are seeing through their eyes.
Over The Shoulder
It is mostly used when two people are talking to kind of make the viewer feel like they are there.