My Time at Rainbows End By Ivan

On the 24th of November 2022 I went to Rainbows End with two of my friends (Zion and Mere). It started off really rainy and I thought that because of that we wouldnt be able to go to rainbows end but we went anyway. The first ride I went on was the stratosfear minimum it was okay I was really scared because I thought that the guy operating would make me go on the extreme (he didint) after the minimum my friends went on and told me how scary it was. I went on it a couple more times then seperated from the group and went on the Invader (which is my favourite ride) I went on it five times then went on gold rush which is basically this mine rollercoaster. I went on it with Mere then she begged me to go on the log ride (I dont know its name :l. ) After it I had to promise Mere that we would go one more time after she bought me ice cream ( she did). I ate my ice cream then immeadiatley after that went with Zion on the Stratosfear extreme mode It was not that bad but my stomach had different Ideas (I didint vomit) as soon as the stratosfear was done me Mere and Zion went on THE FEARFALL which in my opinion was mediocre. We then went on a go cart ride i took them to the invader and to wrap it up everyone that came went to the bumper carts. Fun fact during the ride me and zion made a rivalary with two old men. Then we went home.

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