What I did in the Holidays

On the last day of the holidays it was my birthday and i took my sister Dora rock climbing. I was having a lot of fun and I was showing integrity by double cheking my saftey straps. I was showing respect by respecring the rules and i was showing exellence by never getting in trouble. It was a really fun day.

By Ivan

Motat Experiments by Ivan

There was a section in the motat where we had to do some funny experiments. I worked with only a few, the ones i worked with were the       light and electricity experiments. The lady gave us some glases to look at the light with. I put it on and it turned the flashight on and boom instead of white light I saw a beutiful rainbow. I really liked it but i had to put it down. After the glases I played a bit with the mirror maze and I mean to brag but what I made was beutiful.

Anyway this is all i really did so yeah bye.

Syncereley Ivan

Motat Highlights by Ivan

Hi I am here to tell you about the motat trip that i went to and some of its highlights.

My first highlight was the dome that we went in for morning tea and lunch. It was big and it echoed. Also if you looked at it from the outside you will see that it looks like the top half of an amongus characters head.

Then the second highlight was the playground it was ok. I ran around with my friends and talked through the speeker with them.

The last highlight was the videogame section there were alot of old consoles but my favourite was the space invader arcade machine.

Sincereley Ivan

Wonder Comprehenshion

Wonder novel Comprehension


Hello, my name is Ivan and I’m going to do a review on the novel Wonder. This also includes me thinking how the other characters felt and just overall explaining it through my mouth. Also, spoiler alert! Go and read the book if you haven’t.


First, we get introduced to the Pullman family consisting of August Pullman or Auggie (main character), the mother, father and Via (the cool, overprotective sister).


Let’s start with Auggie (August Pullman). He was born with a serious case of facial deformity which is pretty much just being born looking like a mutant. They did not detect it because he was still in the womb and technology was not that advanced back then.


After August was born, he had to go through 27 surgeries because of his face and he had been homeschooled until 5th grade, when he finally understood that his mother was planning to send him to a school called Beecher Prep. Auggie and his Dad didn’t like the idea but he gets sent there anyway because his mother is terrible at fractions (pun intended).


August meets Mr Tushman, the principal who is a really nice guy. I liked him alot. Mr Tushman introduces Auggie to the deputy principal, Mrs Garcia, who is also really nice but she gets a bit too carried away with her smiling and is sometimes described as creepy. After the nice talk, Auggie is introduced to Jack Will, Julian and Charlotte. I will stop there with August because our class has only gone this far in the novel, but I will guess how he felt right at this very moment in the story.


August probably feels nervous and worried because he hasn’t really talked with other kids his age and he’s scared that they might laugh at his face or his deformity may creep them out.


Now let’s move on to the mother. In my eyes, she is one of the nicest characters to Auggie because, well, isn’t that what mothers do. I think that she probably feels worried. She feels worried because this is Auggie’s first time going to school and she’s probably scared that he will have a bad first day at school.


(There isn’t much information about the father in the novel so I won’t talk much about him.)


Via, the overprotective sister is probably really worried about Auggie going to school because she won’t be able to protect him from the bullies there. 


This has been my comprehension of how the characters felt and a bit on Auggies story.


By Ivan

Water + Mandarin Experiment By Ivan

Water + Mandarin Experiment



  1. A bucket of water
  2. A mandarin


Method: fill a bucket with water and put mandarin in and see what happens.


My experience: So first we put the mandarin in the water and it was struggling to float(it still did though). Next we peeled the mandarin and put it in. It sank to the bottom like a rock. Then we put the peels in and they floated. Then my friends put the piece onto the peel and put it in the water it floated. I found out that for mandarins the skin is what keeps the buoyant. 


Hairy Dryers by Ivan

Title: Super Balls



Understanding air pressure


Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)


The ping pong ball will lift up




Ping pong ball 

Hair dryer




1.Plug in the hair dryer

 2.Turn it on

 3. Put the ping pong ball in the middle 

 4. Watch what happens




What happened was that the ball started flying and whenever I put my hand under the ball it would fall while the hair dryer kept on blowing air into my hand. That’s it




The ping pong ball lifted up and continued flying

An Expirement By Ivan

On Monday 13th of June 2022, Team Tui went to the hall to do the “Candle in the glass” experiment


Ivan’s hypothesis: I think that the candle would go out and the cup will lift up.


What actually happened: The candle went out and the cup lifted and let the water go in.


The experiment went something like this:


Everyone was yelling and i didnt know what was going on. We put the candle on the plate but it kept on falling over and we were panicking the when we were about to light the candle and put the cup over the teacher said we were done and that we had to clean up.

Samoan Reacount

Samoan Language Week recount by Ivan


I chose to make a coconut bowl for Samoan language week. First we had to scrape the skin off a coconut with a knife – which took me a whole day.


The next day we had to halve the coconut with a hammer and scrape the coconut meat off. I was doing it pretty well but I soon had to stop because some of the brown stuff went into the meat and that would make it less tasty when we turned it into a dessert. This also took a whole day.


The next day I asked Mr Raj to make my coconut into a bow. I smoothed it with sandpaper and Mr Raj used the angle grinder to smooth the edges.


The next day I got sick so I wasn’t there on Thursday and Friday.