How to Make Heavys Sandvich

Heavy’s Sandvich 5000


This should feed one man and one man only



2 slices of white bread cut into triangles not squares

1kg of bologna

2 slices of lettuce

1 tomato

Some swiss cheese 

1 slice of ham

1 olive 


Things you will need


Tooth pick


First you will need the knife to cut the slices from squares into triangles.


Now just separate the slices, grab one and do these steps exactly as I say or there will be no ancient power inside your sandvich.


So step 1 get your one slice and cut some ham then put it on it. 

2.Now grab exactly three square slices of swiss cheese and put them on top of the ham and on top of eachother. 


3.Now grab your tomato and cut exactly 2 slices next to each other and on top of your swiss cheese. 


4.Grab one slice of lettuce and put it on top of your tomato. 


5.Get the second slice of bread and put it on top of everything. 


6.The last step you need to get if you want your sandvich to work is to get a green olive without the seed and put your toothpick through it. 


7.Now stab the sandvich with the toothpick olive on top and enjoy this ancient recipe. 


If done right it should look like this:

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